McMaster Peer-Run Inclusive Math Experience

The McMaster Peer-Run Inclusive Math Experience (MacPRIME) is a 4-week virtual bridge program for incoming Math & Stats Gateway and Chemical & Physical Sciences Gateway students. The goal of this program is to help first-year students enhance their mathematical preparation, while at the same time learn to work collaboratively, navigate university, and approach challenging problems like a mathematician.

What does Peer-Run mean? Curriculum development and instruction for MacPrime are both accomplished through partnership with current undergraduate students in a near-peer mentorship model. The MacPRIME team consists of both faculty members and students who work collaboratively to curate, construct, and refine activities and resources that will be used in the program. During the program, undergraduate members of the MacPRIME team act as the main points of contact with participants, leading small teams of incoming first-year students through activities and discussions in virtual weekly meetings. Student leaders also monitor their team members' progress on individual study plans and provide one-on-one support.

What makes MacPRIME inclusive? One of the main goals of MacPRIME is to help students meet their future classmates and build a strong community, even before they arrive on campus. We support these goals by offering frequent low-stakes opportunities for collaboration and discussion, as well as by directly addressing topics commonly considered to be the “hidden curriculum of university” (e.g. how to study effectively, how to talk to your professors, what to do when you fail a test).